Meek Mill, When The Justice System No Longer Exists. Free, Not Free!

Miami, FL – The Philadelphia, PA justice system is far from just. Philadelphia has had one of the most corrupt judicial systems in the U.S for decades, especially as it relates to black men. Robert Rihmeek Williams, known as the rapper, Meek Mill has been entangled in this cities corruption for over 11 years. A 30-year-old man now, Meek has suffered far longer than he deserves and the sad part is, he’s not the first. He’s just a man who decided it’s time to use his platform to speak on not just his injustices, but the same injustice that happens to so many of our young minority men

My first knowledge of the corruption in Philadelphia was when I was attending college there in 2000. The environment I was in had me very open to learning more about my culture and learning about this new city I was in. I recall having a conversation with a roommate who was a native of Philly, about Mumia Abu – Jamal. I had no knowledge of this person, where he was from, what he was going through, I was clueless. I ended up going to the bookstore and I picked up his autobiography “All Things Censored”. He was convicted in 1982 of the murder of a Philadelphia police officer in 1981. This case has been contested on various constitutional, legal and moral grounds. There have been countless reports of witness tampering, evidence tampering and some more. Mumia Abu-Jamal is still in jail to this day. This case got to me when I was in school, but as a young black woman, you think you have no voice so why speak on it. 

Fast forward to 2007, you have Robert Rihmeek Williams aka Meek Mill. When Meek was arrested at the age of 19, he was not a famous artist, he was a regular black kid growing up in Philly. He was creating a hometown buzz for himself through his music and mixtapes. A kid on the right track despite his circumstances; was not involved in gang activity, was not involved in drugs. He was focused on becoming a famous rapper, the same rapper we know today as one of the biggest to be signed to Rick Ross label, Maybach Music and Managed by Jay-Z’s management company, Roc Nation. 

Recently, Amazon Prime shed light on the trials and tribulations Meek has had to live through within this corrupt judicial system, in a 5 – part series called, “Free Meek”. Meek has been incarcerated and/or on probation for more than 11 years of his life. How can any person be on probation for 11 years? How is it that even possible is what confuses me. Meek has had the same judge since he was first convicted, Genece Brinkley. Genece E. Brinkley is a judge on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania She was appointed in November 2013, for a term that will expire in 2023 [1]. As an African American woman myself, watching another African American woman trying to maliciously bring down a black man who has made a better way for himself, is repulsive. She’s had him trapped in the system for over 4,000 days of his life. Let’s be clear, while on probation this woman has overstepped the boundaries of power and placed this man in jail on numerous occasions because of her petty hatred towards black men. What else could it be? He’s committed no crime while on probation, but if she could find a way to get him back under her control and behind bars, she took full advantage of that. 

In November 2017 Meek was given a 2-4 year sentence, for what Judge Brinkley considered a “probation violation” for driving a dirt bike recklessly & popping wheelies in New York City. These charges were dropped by the city of New York, but Genece Brinkley decided she wanted to call her probation hearing to throw this man unjustly in jail at the height of his career. As a result of this conviction, Meek became world news for the injustice being done to him by this judge. Protests outside the courthouse ensued with celebrities and even politicians in support of him being released from prison. Judge Brinkley was asked to recuse herself from the case, she refused. As a result, Meeks attorneys appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. On April 24, 2018, after serving 7 months of his sentence. Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered his immediate release. The state’s highest court directed Judge Genece Brinkley, who had previously jailed him, to let the rapper out on “unsecured bail.” [2]  

In January 2019, Meek Mill formed the ‘Reform Alliance Foundation”, along with Michael Rubin (Co-Chair) and other like-minded individuals. This team of heavy hitters has made it their mission to dramatically reduce the number of people who are unjustly under the control of the criminal justice system – starting with probation and parole [3]. On July 22, 2019, A Pennsylvania appeals court overturned Meek Mill’s conviction in the drug and gun case that has kept him on probation for a decade. He will get a new trial because of new evidence of alleged police corruption and could be acquitted if the case is retried [4]

AMERICA, we have to do better! We can not condemn our children to be subjected to live in cities like “Filthadelphia”, where they believe growing up that their rights are just as important as the next, but in reality for a minority, that is far from the truth. If you are black, no matter how successful you are, how much money you may have. You could be curing disease and changing the world, this country will always find a way to remind you that at the end of the day you are just, a Nigga.

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